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The Antarctic Heritage Trust was established in 1987 for the purpose of caring for the five expedition bases in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica on behalf of the international community. The online image archive Icy Heritage provides access to the Trust’s digital image collection which showcases the work of the Trust. The Trust is committed to making images available to the public for educational and research purposes.


We are delighted to accept contributions of high-quality photos that showcase the history of the huts and the work of the Antarctic Heritage Trust. We will consider contributions of images related to:


• Borchgrevink’s hut and Scott’s Northern Party hut at Cape Adare,
• Scott’s Discovery hut at Hut Point,
• Shackleton’s Nimrod hut at Cape Royds,
• Scott’s Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans,
• TAE/IGY hut or “Hut A” at Scott Base, Pram Point.

We would also welcome contributions of images related to the areas surrounding the bases, as well as any images of our team working on Ice.


Images showing our Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™ and Inspiring Explorers Education™ programme in action are also welcomed for consideration.


All submitted images should be original and accompanied by a brief description and photographer credit details.

By submitting images, you agree to grant Antarctic Heritage Trust a royalty-free, perpetual right to copy, adapt, redistribute, or show any image or any adaptation of any part of the image and to license any other person to do any of those acts. Your moral rights as creator will be asserted.


The image file types we can currently accept include JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG, HEIC, and HEIF.


If you are unsure if your images fit into our collection scope, or you need any assistance with uploading please contact us using the form below and give a brief description of the images you would like to contribute.


Accepted images will become part of the Trust’s digital image collection, but will not necessarily be made available to the public. Approximately 25% of the Trust’s full digital collection can be viewed online by the public on our Icy Heritage image archive website.



How to contribute:

To contribute, you will need to make an account so we can contact you with any questions about your images. Please make an account.

One you have signed in, contribution upload can be found here.
Please provide as much detail as possible when contributing, including location, date, and photographer details.


If you require any assistance with uploading please contact us using the form below.



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Unless otherwise stated, images available on Icy Heritage are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial- No Derivatives

(CC BY-NC-ND). We encourage sharing of our images with credit for non-commercial, educational and research purposes.


If you require a higher resolution copy or wish to use an image for any other purpose please contact us below to request an image. In your request, please include the URL of the image you are requesting and a brief description of your intended use.

Please note there will be a cost associated with requesting an image for commercial purposes.

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