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Mike Dawson on the South Pole Expedition2005 Scott's 'Discovery' hut interior, Hut Point (013)2007 Provisions on shelves inside Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hutScott's 'Terra Nova' hut (001)

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Through our mission to conserve, share and encourage the spirit of exploration, Antarctic Heritage Trust cares for the remarkable expedition bases of the early Antarctic explorers and shares the legacy of exploration through outreach programmes and expeditions to engage and inspire a new generation of explorers.


Icy Heritage provides public access to Antarctic Heritage Trust's growing image collection. It was established in 2023 to showcase the work of the Trust, and new items are added frequently to the digital collection. We invite you to search our collections and contact us for any image requests.

Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project (RSHRP)

A multi-year, multi-site international heritage conservation project to secure the five historic explorer bases of Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Carsten Borchgrevink and Sir Edmund Hillary, and conserve the thousands of artefacts associated with the sites.


Inspiring Explorers™ Programme

Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™ provide opportunities for young people to experience and challenge themselves in the polar regions. They connect young people with the legacy the Trust cares for and encourage them to embrace the spirit of exploration.

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Borchgrevink's Hut at Cape Adare during the 2019-20 season (001)2006 Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut interior, Cape Evans (014)2017-18 Scott's 'Discovery' hut, exterior, North elevation2004-05 Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut, work task, snow removal (013)Venesta cases, Shackleton’s 'Nimrod' hut (001)2018-19 Mike Gillies with skis to return, Cape Royds2002 K440B at Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut, interior - Ice build-up, Stables2020-21 'Terra Nova' hut Inspection, Interior (019)Interior of Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut2003-04 Drummond’s acetylene gas generator, Shackleton's 'Nimrod' Hut (003)AHT's Chairman Mark Stewart and former AHT's Chairman David Crerar2010-11 Scott's Cubicle inside Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut, Cape Evans (001)Medicinal artefacts in Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut Denise Flanagan, Consulate General of Ireland, Lady June Hillary, patron and Niamh McMahon, trustee2008-09 'Terra Nova' hut, floor, Gord Macdonald (087)2004-05 Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut, work task, inspection (83)Young Inspiring Explorers Catherine and James on the high ropes course (001)2010-11 Cross on Wind Vane Hill, Cape EvansScott's 'Terra Nova' hut and Vortex generators2019-20 Food stores in Scott's 'Terra Nova' Hut2017-18 Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut, snow removal, Youth Ambassador Chris Ansin2006 Conservators at work, Al Fastier, Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut, Cape Royds2014-15 Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut, Venesta case detailInspiring Explorer Sinéad Hunt arriving on skis at the top of a pass in South Georgia2007 Adelie penguins outside Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hutGalley, Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut (003)Snow build-up on Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut (005)2013-14 Dellbridge Islands2008-09 'Terra Nova' hut, interior artefacts (258)2006 Interior of the AHT storage container at Scott Base (002)Foodstuff stored in Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut2006 Hole in the floor of Scott's 'Discovery' hut, Hut Point2003 K440 at Borchgrevink’s Living hut - Interior, stick-back chair2007 Latrine, Cape Evans2013-14 Location image, artefacts, Scott's 'Discovery' hut, Hut PointConservator Marie-Amande Coignard at work (006)Bed frame from Scott's 'Terra Nova' Hut2009-10 AHT's Gord Macdonald fitting door D3 to Latrines, Scott's 'Terra Nova' hutHistoric nails2008 Ice build-up inside Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut, Cape EvansFoam layer for cases, Shackleton's 'Nimrod' Hut2015-16 Location image - Evan's bunk, Borchgrevink's hut 2008-09 'Terra Nova' hut, interior artefacts (321)2005-06 Cans in the environment at Cape Royds (005)Inspiring Explorers after being turned back on their ascent of Pion PeakStudents participating in water based activities at the Explorer Conference 2021 (013)2010-11 Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut and the Meteorological shelter2005-06 Boxes of artefacts packed for transport around Cape Royds2010 Scott's 'Terra Nova' hut inspection, exterior (018)2007 Oil cans inside Shackleton's 'Nimrod' hut, Cape Royds

Our Stories

Historic Medicine at Cape Evans

Jane Hamill, Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Lead Conservator, tells us about the return of Dr Wilson’s historic medical kit to Scott’s Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans.

Shackleton's Peas

Antarctic Heritage Trust Conservator Belinda Hager discusses the treatment of canned food tins from Shackleton’s hut at Cape Royds.

Artefacts Returned to Cape Evans

The team repatriated several items to Scott’s Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans this season including an improvised sledge distance meter wheel once owned by George Murray Levick.

2022-23 Summer Season Complete

The Trust’s On-Ice Conservation team spent seven weeks in Antarctica undertaking a comprehensive monitoring and maintenance programme on the historic Ross Island explorer bases

Cape Adare - First Impressions

Antarctic Heritage Trust's team arrive at Cape Adare for the first time since the field camp on site was completed during the 2019-20 summer season.

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